Our father, Douglas H Fletcher, grew up on a hunting farm in the area. In the late 1980's, he was looking to expand his hunting interests, and was looking for more property. The opportunity arose here in the Molopo area, (Kalahari), where a large piece of land came up for sale. He took the opportunity, and purchased the first piece of land, namely Sandhurst. Within a few years, the land next door became available and he was fortunate to be in the position to purchase it. Because of Sandhurst's remoteness, and the various species of game, it quickly grew into the company that it is today. When he bought Sandhurst, everything here was strictly cattle farming, and so started the long and tiresome process to transform the ranch into what it is today. Click here to read more...

Hunting Packages

Management animals to be taken off Sandhurst 2008. North West Nature Conservation has issued Sandhurst with permits to take the following animals off due to increasing numbers: The animals are non-trophy, and are hunted on the Sandhurst safaris area in the Kalahari. This is a Big 5 reserve and is malaria free.

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